Let’s make your Sunday to #Son-day with #Ariel campaign.

Let’s make your Sunday to #Son-day with #Ariel campaign.

          Its inspiring delight to see @ariel.india coming up with these awesome initiatives that encourage gender equality and break stereotypes like laundry is only for women. They emphasized on that everyone in the family should #sharetheload .  To spread the vibe of this movement & to encourage more sons’s to join it, for the next four Sundays (21st april- 28th april- 5th may – 12th may), Ariel come up with one new task every Sunday and they want the sons to check that out and do that task. If you love your mom and really believe that you would want to help her out, do participate and pledge to share household chores

          I am too joining this movement & going to do the second Sonday task with my son zumi. Second #Son-day task was to clean & arrange the wardrobe. This is the biggest messy work for me.

          Zumi turn 4.5yrs now, he love to choose his clothes himself & won’t prefer to wear something which I keep out for him. Every day my naughty piggy drag each clothes from the arranged set, which somewhere spoil all the arrangement in the wardrobe.  As a result the wardrobe turns to messy.

          As you can see in the first picture, how he has dragged down all the clothes & made the wardrobe messy. OMG! Not again…. This was use to be my reaction earlier ….. But now, I am carefree as this #son-day because of #Ariel, I taught him to fold the clothes & keep it in proper place.


         I am surprised by seeing that; zumi really enjoyed doing this work. With his full dedication he learned to fold the clothes & helped me to re-arrange the messy wardrobe. While folding each clothes, he had a smile of learning & achieving something. With an excitement, that he had helped his mommy to complete the work. This teach me a important lesson of life, which I love to share with all mommy’s…

          Hey lovely mommies.. We are the one who teach the kids about gender difference… knowingly or unknowingly… but this is the fact. We are the one who select pink or blue -select cars, balls or Barbie dolls, kitchen set etc for our kids.

         Let’s change this stereotype, by join ariel campaign & changing few habits of ours…. Let your kids enjoy every color & all type of toys…. Let them learn to do all work with their full dedication…. Let them understand the hard work & equal invovlment of both gender for running house, society & country, so they learn to respect both gender.

          When women can handle home & office after marriage, why the men cann’t learn to handle home with office. Teach your son to #ShareTheLoad.

          ‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

          Join the activity from Ariel & blogadda – #ShareTheLoad.  This is the perfect opportunity to let the world know what a home where the men and women #ShareTheLoad would look like.



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0 Replies to “Let’s make your Sunday to #Son-day with #Ariel campaign.”

  1. This is an absolutely brilliant campaign for greater participation of both genders in doing household chores. In today’s time it is really very important.

  2. It’s really nice to see brands like Ariel coming up with such a sensitive topic with so much ease..High time when boys/men Share The Load and help in household work..

  3. This is a great initiative by Ariel, It is really important to teach our kids all of this stuff.

  4. This is an absolutely wonderful campaign and initiative. It is lovely to see your son and you get together on chores that were traditionally not meant for boys/me. I am so hopeful for our future as a nation when i come across activities like these.

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