Kitchen chores – Ariel #Son-day Task

Kitchen chores – Ariel #Son-day Task

          We are on the 3rd week of #Ariel #son-day task. Friends if you have gone through my previous blog, you already have an idea about what I am talking. For new readers, I am repeating the details of activity.

          @ariel.india come up with these awesome initiatives that encourage gender equality and break stereotypes like laundry is only for women. They emphasized on that everyone in the family should #sharetheload .  To spread the vibe of this movement & to encourage more sons’s to join it, for the next four Sundays that is from (21st april- 28th april- 5th may – 12th may), Ariel will come up with one new task every Sunday and they want the sons to check that out and do that task. If you love your mom and really believe that you would want to help her out, do participate and pledge to share household chores. If you have missed any task than don’t worry, there is a chance to participate till 12th may…. Please complete the entire task to get eligible for Grand prize.

          These weeks #Ariel #ShareTheLoad tasks is dish wash & sink cleaning. Teaching our son’s…how to keep the kitchen utensils clean & keep the sink clean. This is not a new task for us, my champ zumi started supporting me in this from the age of 2.5 yrs. Yes…

          My in-laws house is made in old style. There sink is not attached to the kitchen. Whenever we where there, every time I have to go backside of the house where sink area is made to wash the utensils. As I was alone with zumi while working, to keep him engaged & in front of my eye, I use to give the clean dish ( washed by me) to wash again & arrange it in proper way.  By seeing this many people told me that “he is a boy, don’t make him do girls work”, but every time I had a same reply to them that “I am making him independent & at the same time teaching him that he should #sharetheload of household chores”

          This time I thanks to #ariel & #blogadda for giving me a chance with this task to share my story to everyone.

          Join the activity from Ariel & blogadda – #ShareTheLoad.  This is the perfect opportunity to let the world know what a home where the men and women #ShareTheLoad would look like.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda


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0 Replies to “Kitchen chores – Ariel #Son-day Task”

  1. My son and husband have started taking part in household work …thanx to Ariel for making men understand that household work is not just a woman’s job

  2. We need all parents to think like you do.Teaching children all work without gender bias makes life better

  3. Aww such a cute and helpful kid. A very nice initiative by ariel. Everyone should follow this task.

  4. It’s high time we teach our sons some life skills too! I am glad Ariel has come up with this amazing initiative! I hope this changes people’s mindsets!

  5. I just love this unique campaign by Ariel.. Other family members should involve in doing household chores.

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