Yudh bhoomi – game of war & maths

Yudh bhoomi – game of war & maths

          From last one week a war is going on in our house……nothing to panic 🙂 🙂 :), and I am just loving this war, as it’s a war of Yudh bhoomi game from dicetoylab

          Earlier whenever someone talked about games of thrones or strategy, only one thing came to my mind & that was chess.  But this is completely different from chess… The only compatibility between both games other strategy and thrones is WAR…

          Dicetoy team is the mind behind Yudh bhoomi game. This Game is created in such a way that it gives you the feeling of cold war & the great warriors who are there protecting their friends. In the miniatures form you will find both men & women soldiers, that will help form a feeling of equality in the minds of kids that both men and women can protect when facing dire situations.


*Men: – Both Spearheading and Swordsmen in attacking pose.

*Women: – Archers and Swordswomen also in attacking pose.

There are total 32 soldiers in 8 different poses in the game.

          Each warrior kid player can set up warriors in a formation of his choice. Game begins with the rolling of dice & the number on the dice positive or negative decides the fate of warriors. But the actual decider and the critical but fun moment comes, when the dice fall in with the warrior face… And that’s the time to pick the card  & follow the instruction written on it which is designed so wonderfully that it changes the direction of the game from winning to a threatening position. It creates a great excitement in kid’s mind at that moment.

This makes the game totally unpredictable and keeps the kids interested all the time. One can’t predict the time how long it can be played with only few moments that it can defeat the other or even self by just dragging a card.


In this game set you will receive 3 boxes.
1) Male warriors – 16 Miniatures – 499 Rs.
2) Female warriors – 16 Miniatures – 499 Rs.
3) dice & (20) game card + instruction card – 299 Rs.

Combo price Rs. 1174

          Miniatures are well crafted with PVC material, which are soft and flexible but not at all sharp. Miniatures are totally safe for kid’s.

What I liked about this game?

  1. As the game is based on ancient Indian warriors style, Kids can relate how brave and sacrificing our ancestors would be face a difficult and an unpredictable situation.
  2. The best thing is it’s very effective in teaching kids basic mathematics
  3. Gender equality, by all means the best takeaway of this Game is, its has both male & female soldiers with different weapons & poses, which shows the gender equality ( that no other games replicate).
  4. Keeps kids engaged for longer time with fun and excitement. What’s more that it keeps them away from gadgets too .
  5. It teaches them to face ups & downs of life and prepare themselves for surprises and be prepared for them. As this game is unpredictable and one can win or lose any time.
  6. All the materials used in the game are harmless and totally environmental friendly and safe of kids of any age.

          It’s easily available on amazon.com or can be purchased from this website: – dicetoylab

          Picture shown above is the first version of game, which can be played by 2 players. If more players want to play we have to purchase an extra box of warriors.

          Dicetoylab has launched a sticker color book related to warriors, which is ultimate. Advance version of yudhbhoomi is in pipeline, stay tune with them to see there more creative launch.

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0 Replies to “Yudh bhoomi – game of war & maths”

  1. It looks like an interesting game and a perfect one to add to our old collection of dice games. It will help in keeping kids engaged during summer vacations.

  2. Indeed, this looks to be a nice and interesting game. Our traditions, cultures and the sacrifices done by ancestors should definitely be taught to kids. One thread leads to other. Happy to see even gender equality is being taught as well

  3. Wow love this board game. I bet my son will love it. Thanks for sharing. It would be a perfect family game for us.

  4. I would say what better way to keep the kids engaged in summer vacations this is the real fun activity and I’m sure the kids will love it

  5. At first glance, I thought the game was similar to chess. But I can see it is different and is a game of luck+strategy. Definitely, a good game to have at home and engage the children in a productive way.

  6. Good to know that the miniatures are not sharp and are safe for kids. I was looking for a new board game to play as a family and I hope my son would enjoy this one.

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