Zumi’s Winter fun in “Uber Cool Jacket” from Cherry Chrumble California.

Zumi’s Winter fun in “Uber Cool Jacket” from Cherry Chrumble California.

          Winter is all about enjoying the one more greater event of mother nature & the chilly atmosphere that she creates in the earth. To enjoy the freezing weather with zumi, we planned a fun trip to bhujodi. As the kutchy winter is typically bitter,–  the Cherrry Chrumble California Autum Winter collection’s “ Uber Cool Jacket” tremendously helped us to keep zumi warm and enjoy the outing in the breezing winter season.


Uber Cool Jacket:-

          Jacket looks wonderful. The bold color blocks half fleece & half poly fabric jacket makes it extremely attractive. It has a front opening with zipper & two side entry pocket. The hood that it has is terrifically cool.


          Overall the jacket gives a cool dude biker look, which attracted my little champ, who usually loves being dude a lot. After selecting & ordering it, I was worried if the jacket would be heavier making it uncomfortable to wear. But after getting the hands on not only I was worry free, but I concluded that the brand has very well understanding of the kid’s requirement and comfort.

          The polyester of Jacket is really high quality and soft as well. Its very light weight & keeps our little champ totally comfortable wearing it. Zipper seems flawless, strong & sturdy, which reduces the chances of the zipper getting damaged by these naughty hardcore energetic superheroes.

Cherry Chrumble California Autum Winter Collection 2018:-

          The brand has high quality and uncountable styles of jackets, sweaters & sweatshirts. And this makes it really hard to choose one among the wide range of their wonderful winter wear collections. But I decided and selected the difficult option of getting the piece as basis my champ’s mood – “The Cool DudeBikermood”.

Overall this collection is well designed & created with proper color combination & nice fabrics, to give kids style, comfort, safety & warmth in winter.

Above featured style link :-  Uber Cool Jacket

Cherry Chrumble California is also available in


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  1. I am in love with this lovely jacket..want something like this for my son too..I hope they have some bigger sizes..

  2. These jackets look really nice. The material/ quality looks amazing too. Your son looks comfortable as well. Thanks for sharing.

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