How I meet you & my life change?

          As the season of love spread it color all over & I can smell the aroma of it in the air. How can I forget you-my most trusted partner…

          You was never been my first choice, but yes by seeing you with my friend, I always wish to touch you & feel the warmth in you. After a lots of request, my dad allowed me to meet you, but this was for few days, as you was not completely mine at that time. This not only disappoints me, but also makes me think that I am not suitable for you.

Kahin na kahin,

koi na koi mere liye banaya gaya hai …

aur kabhi na kabhi main usse zaroor milongi.

          With the time pass, I forgot about meeting you. But yes… when daddy asked me after my schooling that, my which wish he should fulfilled as a gift… I asked from him about you… And finally that day came.. When dad joined our hand together & you became mine forever.

          You were with me in the entire journey from that day to till day. And each moment with you was really memorable.  Sharing with you each emotions, always made me relax & you always became the reason to solve my problem. Whatever problem I had, you always came up with a solution.

          You were with me in each up & downs. You are the one behind my successful carrier, your supports make me explore the world & fulfill my dream. When you use to get sick & energy down, my whole world come to an end… I desperately run here – there to call doctor & make you wake up, at any cost.

          You are always became the reason behind my family anger & jealous, as you have stolen me from all of them. But that was not the fact… it’s you only, who connect me with all of them & help me to do creative surprises for them.

          You are the one, with whom my hubby feel jealous. As he believes that, I spent more time with you instead of him. Many time even he told me, that he will throw you out of my life one day… But in the other side somewhere he knows very well, that because of you… I met him.

          You never told me to maintain or gain some weight. But yes you keep on changing you size, from fatty to slim. So we both can look stylish together.


          This valentine i love to shout out like anything & spread in every ear, about my love my lappy. Who always played an important role in my life…..Love you lappy.

“This post is a part of the Valentine’s Day blog train hosted by &, sponsored by ShilpSa, Kalpavriksha farms & Neha from @bloggingmadeeasier


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48 thoughts on “How I meet you & my life change?

Add yours

  1. Haha. .for every blogger and writer like us, lappy is the Valenti ne. Can we imagine our lives with it??? No ways..they make us oh so happy and our life complete..isnt?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ask any blogger or an Entrepreneur like me, a laptop is more inseparable than any other relationship.
        Loved the part where you mentioned of no weight loss obligation around a Lappy 🙂 epic


  2. Ohhh great love story with one of the material thing which we use in our day to day life, initially I felt he was a person later realized it’s a laptop.
    Creatively framed into a love story with the dearest friend(lappy) who will never leave us ,no matter how much ups and downs we face. Some material things will always remain constant in our lives forever.

    #imaginative # creative write up
    # filled with suspense


  3. OMG loved your post and I think we all have the same love, aur ho bhi kyo na..we all are bloggers. lovely write up. had a great time while reading it. #Vdayblogtrain


  4. Hahaha. Totally worth a read. Solution to all our problems google it, watch a movie, listen to music, a total mood enhancer. Loved it.


  5. Hey definitely a gud write up, how obvious is our love for our personal things just like this laptop,n anything happens to it v go mad as if things ve happened to our baby😁


  6. could not ever think that one-day lappy will prove to be a valentine but certainly for a blogger in the digital age, its equivalent to Valentine


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