My Siblings, My Pal

My Siblings, My Pal

          #SiblingStories is a blogging train hosted by Ila Varma in collaboration with the Brand Ang Tatva. Thirty six esteemed bloggers from blogging fraternity have joined hands to participate in the Blog train for #SiblingTalk reviving the sweet and tickling hours spent with loving siblings and revive golden memories of the past.

          When I got a chance to write for #Sibilingsstories train, I was little confused that I should do it or not. Being a single child, my parents were the only one at home who became my partner both in crime or virtue. My maternal & paternal side cousins where living far of so we hardly use to get chance to meet up. Diwali & summer vacation were the only option to visit their houses & enjoy the cousin’s reunion. But as the years went by our get2gethters kept reducing. But the bonding of we cousins never had any impact as far as the intensity was concerned.

Let’s recall the moments… which I had stored as a treasure of childhood memories.

This was the first time I realized that i have someone to rule & now someone is there to follow me. 😛

Memories from paternal side cousins:-


Prank Moment:-

          I am the eldest child as well as only girl child from my dad’s family. With an age gap of 2 yrs I have 29 younger cousin brothers.  So being elder as well as queen of the family, I was the one who had right to prank with younger ones. Our standard prank in childhood was to put red light in the toilet & tell the younger ones that red light belongs to ghost & ghost is in the toilet. While playing (Hide and seek) ice spice with them, we use to hide their deliberately as everybody feared coming to toilet as they believed ghosts are there. And for the same reason, my brothers didn’t go to pee too without their moms as well…… heeeee….

Fight Moment:-

          We use to fight for the quantity of food served by mommy’s & masi’s. Blaming that the other person got more cake, mango juice, snacks…etc…. flow of argument, than a fight & end up when elders shout.

Emotional Moment:-

          During my pregnancy & delivery time I realized that my younger baby brothers had grown up. 24X7 they devoted themselves on my duty. Bring food, taking me to hospital, taking care of my baby & changing his diapers…..they considered each activity as their duty. I never thought that my kiddy brothers will help me this much.

Memories from maternal side cousins:-


          Mom’s side we have an equal number of girls & boys. We were mischievous rowdies… this is the correct way to define us. We won’t leave a chance to prank. If I even attempt to brief about my bond & mischievous memories with my maternal cousins, then the blog needs to be replaced with essay writing crossing all the limitations of blog. So I am sharing only my Poppins story with you guys.

Poppins moment :-


          I & my cousin Shree are best buddies. Shree was already blessed with 2 sisters one elder (Reena) & one younger (Remya). More than her sisters, she was closer to me & we both loved sharing most of the things with each other from foods to feast. Many times we use to finish the chocolate box sitting behind the door closet, without sharing with her siblings and were taken to task by our elders, when our cousins cried loudly for this…. For this reason, till date when ever ramya celebrated her birthday comes, we use to gift her pack of Poppins or an e-card of Poppins, to recall that cry baby memory.  Other than this, we use to do cat walk in mini pond, steeling the cashew nut (which nani kept on terrace to dry it), running to grab the mango fallen from tree, catching small fishes from pond & finishing half of the parsadam on the way, when our mom asked us to collect it from temple….OOO I miss one more thing…. Eating the dry biscuit type food of cow…. This is made from rice, coconut & sugar…. Don’t take me wrong guy’s its really yummy to eat.

         Being a single child, my definition of sibling never limits to maternal or paternal cousins. It’s always inclusive and has my rakhi bhai’s & brothers, who always supported, protected & stood beside me in my bad times. In professional life I travel a lot & have stayed in many cities in last 2-3 years.  You feel home sickness when you are away from your own city, but this home sickness will vanish if you find a better and more comfortable work environment and atmosphere.


          I still remember the first & last day of my job in Bangalore. First few days no one was ready to help me, even they were avoided replying my queries & language problem was making things more difficult for me. On the other side, my last day in office, had an unsaid sadness on everyone’s face. My Boss invited me & my friend (as we both were getting married soon) to dinner… he said it’s a ritual in his culture that before marriage a girl should visit her relatives & brothers house for dinner.  As a part of that ritual they washed our feet, did tikka, pooja & gifted us with goodies apart from the delicious dinner they prepared for us.

          This type of sibling bond also leaves a strong impact in our lives. As they don’t have blood relation but inculcates a strong emotional attachment.

          This was my life #SiblingStories. That are invaluable treasures of my life & recalling those memories or even a thought of meeting them are the best stress busting remedy for my life.

          I would like to thanks my sweetheart friend Isheita Chopra & read next series of #SiblingStories contributed by Sumit Sharma.  He is Part time blogger and Full time Online Marketer, who loves travelling.

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  1. It was a fun read with emotional side to it. The really liked your work farewell ritual.
    #Siblingstories #Siblingtalks

  2. The joy of the relationship with siblings is wonderful and later on, while moving apart, we miss the pranks, fights and joyous moments…I am happy that people are dusting off the past memories and reading each other stories is exhilarating…and new gen. thinks of presenting a best gift to their child…a sibling

    #Siblingstories #Siblingtalks

  3. Whoa! 29 siblings. The best part is that you consider each and every cousin of yours as a sibling. I love reading your post from being a prankster to Poppins moment, I loved every part of it. May God bless you and your 29 siblings.

  4. Thank you for writing this awesome article. I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a
    comment. I subscribed to your blog and shared this on my Twitter.

    Thanks again for a great article!

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