No More struggling with nose blockage – Nasal Congestion

No More struggling with nose blockage – Nasal Congestion

          Being a mom, I can understand how tough it is to handle a kid when he is sick. With the drizzling start of monsoon season, the chances of getting flu & cold increases. And it’s the same time when most of the schools start their new session. Kids come in contact with each other & with that, germs also get transferred from one to other, as a result, cold, flu & viral attack all over. With cold, comes nasal congestion.

          My champ is 4 years old & this is the age when kids love to interact with other kids & have a playful time. With that, he bring a gift of cough & cold from other kids while playing with them, which always results in a clogged nose, & with, that my sleepless night begins. As a result he faces:-

  1. Crankiness: – Nasal congestion changes him to bring irritated & cranky.
  2. Sleep deprivation: – Nasal congestion doesn’t let him sleep peacefully, and therefore, he gets deprived of sleep & feels drowsy.
  3. Difficulty in eating/avoids eating: – During nasal congestion he doesn’t know how to take out the cough & release it from the nose, so he vomits a lot. Vomiting makes him more irritated, as a result, he starts avoiding food.
  4. Mental and physical growth: – Because of nasal congestion, he avoids food, which makes him weak & lets down his immunity levels more. As a result, he becomes inactive & misses his classes in school.

          So for a possessive mom like me, it’s a nightmare to see my kid struggling with a choked nose. But I can’t stop him playing with the other kids in fear of getting caught by cold or nasal congestion. I was in continuous search of remedies, When one of my friends visited my home and she saw my son struggling with nasal congestion. She suggested me to try Nasivion Kids Nasal Solution & told me it will help him to recover easily. As it was related to my son, I first preferred to take a doctor’s suggestion about this brand. When I met the doctor he told me that “Nasivion is a brand of nasal spray and drops manufactured by Merck, the world’s oldest pharmaceutical company and a leading company in healthcare. Nasivion is a safe and effective Nasal Spray brand for adults & kids. If you see your baby suffer from nasal congestion, then after consulting a doctor, you can opt for Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops depending on the age of the child.”

Nasivion kids/babies range: 

1) Nasivion Saline Nasal Solution – can be used by anyone
2) Nasivion Mini (Baby) Nose Drops – 0.01% Baby – doctor’s consultation required before using
3) Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose Drops –  0.025% Child – doctor’s consultation required before using


After using the drops for 2-3 times, I have seen the changes in my son’s nasal congestion & his mood too. He started sleeping well, as the blockage was not troubling him anymore. He started taking the food normally, which as a result, helped him to improve his health.  The thought of finally letting him play freely with smiles & giggles, brought a smile of relief on my face.

It is suggested to consult your pediatrician before using the product.

Just click the link: –  To know how you can unblock your little one’s nose – so everyone can get back to living a normal life. And know more Happy Nose Happy Moms story from link :-

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0 Replies to “No More struggling with nose blockage – Nasal Congestion”

  1. Blocked nose or stuffy nose is the most common issue with babies. Glad there is something which can take care of it, Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I can’t imagine how i would have survived Tigger’s nasal congestion days without the help of Nasivion and the trusted aspirator

  3. Blocked nose of children- whats more scary for a mom than this! Its good that Nadivion is tgere to give our kids relief.

  4. I have been hearing great things about Navison nose drops . My son gets easily affected by weather specially cold and once he is cold, his nose gets blocked easily. I will check out these nasal drops.

  5. bangalore has had worse weather with rains, cold and chill and nasivion has been a savior throughout.

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