Kids Own fun box: – FLINTOBOX

Kids Own fun box: – FLINTOBOX

          When my son turns 2yrs old, I find that somewhere because of me, he is addicted to gadgets. From that stage, I started searching for a solution for this problem. While looking my surrounding, I find many parents sailing on the same boat with me. Major 2 reasons because of which kids get addicted to gadgets easily are:-

1) Following what their parents do whole day.

2) To get parents work done & to make kid sit at one place till that time. Parents itself give them a gadgets to play.

          So at this stage I was searching for something creative as well as learning, which not only increase my son’s knowledge & creativity, but also keep him engage & away from gadgets.

          During this hunt, I came across the kids own box… that’s “Flintobox”. I checked their website video’s & find it interesting. But still I want to reconfirm with someone, who had used it earlier. So I contacted one of my friend, whose kids were using it. She shared all her experience with Flintobox & told me to try it out.

          When the first box came & we opened it, I was totally surprise as it contain every small-small detail things, which a kid need to complete the task. And in the box each activity are packed separately with the things needed in it. It’s a very well organized kit in a beautiful box colored in pastel picture of Flinto the octopus with his friends in a garden, which attract the kids & succeed to make a first impression on parents mind. Second best part of flintobox is its creative team, who understand & read the mind of kids as per there age & send a box with the activity, which is best as per that age.  This was the most impressive 2 things which I liked about flintobox.

          As the box started coming every month, me & my son both where very excited to open it. As being a parent my excitement was at that level, that I use to check the video on their website before opening box, so I get an idea about what new my son going to learn from the box delivered that month. It’s being 1 year after introducing my child to flintobox. Each & every box which we got during the year was filled with different types of activities, which increase kid’s creativity as well as knowledge.

30 07 2018 198

Let’s have an overview of July 2018 “Flintobox” 4-8 yrs. So new mommy’s also get an idea about the box & what skills it will teach the baby.


My Sport lover champ got a Sport Mania Flintobox: – Which contains 3 sports (Slam Dunk, Pom pom Football & Mini Golf Kit) & a sports related story of Flinto & friends (Benji Runs a Race). Each game is packaged differently in a cloth bag with a name & number. Which make parent & kids easy to use, & can able to keep separately…

30 07 2018 178

SLAM DUNK: – Our first bag is with Slam Dunk game. It’s a basket ball game. In the bag, you will find a guide card in which details about the items in the bag & “How To Do? “is mentioned & installation items like – Slam Dunk board, Circular foam stickers, Square foam stickers, Tube, Net, Ball & Nuts & bolts.

          As my son is a ball lover, he was very much excited to install the activity & play with it… After missing a few hit, he successive in targeting the Slam Dunk board & toss the ball through the net. And this time I didn’t miss to capture this moment. You can see this candy moment video…. On instagram….


  1. Gross Motor – The child is required to run around, jump & use their arms to put the ball through the net. It also improves their balance.
  2. Fine Motor – Fitting the bolts; inserting the tube through the net; peeling & sticking the foam stickers enhance the child’s fine motor skills.
  3. Confidence – Tossing the ball into the net to score a goal will motivate the child. Each time they throw the ball, their confidence increases.

 Pom-Pom Football: – It was the second activity “Football game”. In the bag, you will find a guide card & installation items like – Football field, Pom-poms, Green paint, Roller brush, 2-Straws, 4-Players sticker, Goal posts, Foam pillars, Football badges, Foam stickers, Tray, Messy Mat & Apron.

          It’s completely a different way of playing football. And the real excitement starts with coloring the field green. Battle begins with the blow of the straw by players to goal the pom-pom ball. I saw a fight between the son & father to goal more. Do check the video…. On instagram…


  1. Cognitive – The child learns to assemble a football field from scratch & assess the direction in which the pom-pom moves.
  2. Coordination – The child blows through the straw to move the pom-pom. This requires hand-eye coordination, apart from controlling the intensity with which they blow.
  3. Thinking & Problem Solving – The child comes up with strategies to score goals by moving the pom-pom into the other player’s goalpost, apart from assessing how the pom-pom moves.

 Mini Golf Kit: – Third & last activity in the box was a “Golf kit”. In the bag, you will find a guide card & installation items like – Cardboard tubes, Rivets, Golf head, Golf ball, Hoop templates & Foam sticker.

          My little champ was over excited because during his tv addiction period many times he saw shinchan (cartoon) playing golf with his dad. So he too requested his daddy to join with him in golf & guess what…… he agreed…..  Do check the video…. On instagram…


  1. Coordination Gross Motor – The child sets up the golf course, tries to put the golf ball through the hoops & moves around to retrieve the golf ball.
  2. Coordination – Besides assessing the speed & direction, the child’s balance & hand-eye coordination are put to test while playing the game.
  3. Social – The child talks about the game, discusses the strategies & expresses their views, while playing golf.

Benji Runs a Race: – It’s a story book which comes in every box with a topic related to the box. As this is our sport mania box, the story book was related to race of Flinto’s friends.

          The book comes with Flintobox helps to increase the interest of the kid towards the activity & also helps him to improve & increase his reading habit.

          Overall it’s a funfilled activities box, which not only increases your child’s skill but also increase his interest in doing activities. Some activities can be reused by child & some of the activity is done by two or more people, which help the child to increase the bonding with parents or siblings or friends while doing it. As compare to its rate, flintobox gives us a complete kit which a child needs to do the activity. In other words we don’t need to spend extra money to complete any activity given in flintobox.

Gift a child Flintobox on birthday or other occasion.

Rate of per box is – Rs 1195


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  1. This is such a useful box to keep kids occupied this summer. The price is unbelievable too. It’s definitely value for money in my opinion. I will check this subscription box out.

  2. This box really look so fun and enjoyable for keeping kids occupied . I was looking for something like this for my daughter

  3. My hubby and I too felt our kids were getting addicted to television and mobile games hence we started focusing on outdoor activities and indoor board games. This box seems like a good alternative.

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