Learning With Fun Activities

Learning With Fun Activities

Hello mommies…

For the first time… I am going to write about diy activities for kids 2.5yrs to 4yrs. Being a mother of super active toddler, I had no option other than switching to DIY activities, which make him sit at one play for a while & make him learn something knowledgeable & creative, instead of making him tv addicted.

The little cupcakes learn best through play. That doesn’t mean you need to buy expensive or enormous toys, however. Here are some activities, which increase your kid’s knowledge while playing.

1) Numbers are fun (Counting Socks)

Objective: Colors association & counting

Materials: 3-6 pairs of socks (different colored)

Getting Started:-

  • Place the socks in a flat tub & give them to your child.
  • Ask your child to match the socks to form pairs & place them together.
  • Encourage him/her to count the number of pairs.
  • To make the activity challenging, ask your child to try wearing socks independently.
  • This is a great activity to develop self-help skills.

2) Container Fun

Objective: To provide an opportunity for spatial awareness and to develop pre-math skills (seriation)

Materials: 7-8 assorted containers (big to small different sizes)

Getting Started:-

  • Place all the containers in front of your child
  • Show him/her how a small vessel fits into a big one. Now let him/her try inserting the container one into the other according to their sizes.
  • Encourage him/her to remove them and place them in a line according to their sizes from big to small
  • Stack them one on top of the other to make a tower. Once the containers are stacked together it will be easy for you to put them back.

3) Veggie Sort

Objective: Reinforcing recognition of vegetables & develop pre-math skill

Materials: Vegetables- ladyfingers & peas, 3 trays


Getting Started

  • Mix all the vegetables in a tray and ask your child sort them.
  • Give the tray filled with vegetables to your child & ask him/her to place the ladyfingers on one side & the peas on the other.
  • Encourage him/her to identify & name them.
  • Try this activity after a vegetables shopping spree, your child can help you sort the vegetables& fill them in different bags
  • Don’t forget to name each vegetable as you sort.

4) Plastic Wire Mesh Painting

Objective: To provide an opportunity for tactile stimulation

Materials: Plastic wire mesh, Paints, Used sheets of paper ( Use the blank side), Sheets of newspaper ( to spread on the floor), Pieces of sponge, An old toothbrush, An apron.

Getting Started:-

  • Spread newspapers in the place of activity.
  • Dress your child in apron or clothes for messy play. ( i dont have apron for him so make him wear old clothes)
  • Fill some bowls with paints.. ( try to take bright colors)
  • Give him/her one side used sheets of paper
  • Encourage him/her to feel the rough texture of the mesh dab. Now, show your child how to dip the wire mesh in paint & dab it on the sheets.
  • Initially, provide assistance & then let him/her continue independently
  • Give him/her a piece of sponge or an old toothbrush & ask him/her to try paint with it
  • Talk about the colours, ask him/her to identify & name the colours.
  • Draw attention to how the colors change as he/ she mixes it.

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  1. these tips are really helpful, very truly said that kids learn the most through play and they just don’t memorise it, they just absorb it and it’ll be there with them throughout life.

  2. I have tried everything except the mesh tray play with my son. I bet he will enjoy that activity too. These are fun ways of learning.

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