My 2 Superheros

My 2 Superheros

“Every superhero has a secret identity. I don’t know a single one who doesn’t. Who wants the pressure of being super all the time?”

―Mr. Incredible
I think that’s why they turn to daddy

          Hey everyone. I am 3.5yr boy “ZUMI”. As the father’s day is coming closer, I am going to rule & share the thoughts in my mommy’s blog. I am attached to my dad & grand dad (nanu) both. One holds the master degree in fatheriziom & other is still doing bachelors in fatheriziom.incredible

          My grand dad – I use to call him “atha”. It means father in Malayalam. He is like a Mr. Incredible. Loves his family & believes that his family is his real strength. I am very much attached to him. I follow his all instruction & respect him as my mentor. My mom told me that the first word I spell was “atha” instead of mom or dad, when I was just 3 months. She told me that “On that day i was sleeping with my grand dad. In my sleep i put my hand on grand dad’s tummy & spell ‘aa….atha’ “.

Some of his superhero qualities:-

  • He never says “No” to me, even though he is tried. Many times it happens that when he comes from office, I use to force him to play with me or request him to take me out for a walk. Even though he is tired, having health issues & his age reducing his stamina, still he never say “no” to me. Within 5 minutes he gets ready to play or take me out.
    That shows he have a secret power. A power of regaining energy. 
  • He always encourages me to try new things. He believes that if we won’t try how we come to know it’s good or bad. And to convince me, he try the things in front of me & than encourage me to try the same.
    True hero always keeps their examples to encourage others.
  • From birth, he is the one with whom I feel more secure. Haaaa…. Don’t get shock… it’s a fact. When I was vaccinated at 1 ½ month & was crying a lot. He was the only person who successes in making me fall into comfort sleep. My mom reflects my grand dad, maybe that’s the reason, why I feel comfortable with him. I just love to sleep with him, hugging his tummy, which is like daddy pigs big tummy.
    True superhero always makes us feel secure.
  • As I told you above, my grand dad was the person with whom I always feel comfortable. So from the first day of birth till 3 month, he didn’t sleep more than 1-3 hrs. As he use to do night shift with me & day shift in the office. Whole night he uses to play & take care of me.
    True superhero always balances their life & work beyond the strength.

 This was all about my “atha”. How he turn to me a superhero.

         Now my daddy’s turn – Who is my second superhero. He is like superman. He is a strong man with kind & snowy soft heart. He is dedicated towards his work. And because of which he get less time to play with me. Still he grabs maximum fun in that small period of time.


  • My dad is a buzz bee…Still he walks up all night, when I have a sleepless night.
  • If he is at home – He feed me food, when mommy is buzz in other work. Change my diaper, convince me to have a medicine & we enjoy bathing time together.
  • He encourages me too, try new things. And teach me the correct way of doing it, so I won’t have a fear of harming myself.
  • He always appreciates me, in small-small achievement. And guide me how I can improve it for better performance.
  • My mom use to tell me, that dad was very excited from the first day he came to know she is pregnant. And use to count my kicks & observe my movements.
  • When I start my movement in my mom’s tummy. He use to laugh & say that “tingudi… sham hota hi masti shuru”.
  • First time my mom seen him crying loudly… when I born & his boss cancelled his leave application. He was very much excited to be with me, but his boss cancelled his one week leave application. So before leaving home, he hugged me & started crying loudly.
  • He always has a guilt feeling that his work didn’t allowing him to be with me in my candy moment & I too use to miss him during that time. My mom use to tell me that “its dad’s effort which make her free to come with me & make me enjoy all the moments. So instead of missing him & getting sad, I should give my hundred percent in each things i do  & make him feel happy & proud”


          I just want to say my daddy “dad I know you love me a lot, and you are working for my better future. So don’t feel guilty that you are not able to spend sufficient time with me. I always love you & you are always being my superhero. It’s your support that make mom free to take me for any of my activities. So in one way you are supporting us secretly. You are our secret superhero.

          I am one of the luckiest kids who has two inspiring & supportive superhero in life.
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0 Replies to “My 2 Superheros”

  1. We can’t be in this world without our fathers. They have always been the one reliable man in our lives, and they have always treated us with a stern yet loving hand. We have always looked up to them as an inspiration through the years. We will never cease to follow their footsteps and will always make the right decision like they have taught us.well written. And thank u for sharing ur feeling.

  2. Very cute start of post with rewarding fatherization degrees to dads in your house. The little one is really lucky to be pampered and guided by experiences of both the affectonate souls. Great post.

  3. I dont remember my paternal grandfather as he left us in my childhood itself. But his stories I have heard from my father makes me realize he was a #superhero of #superhero.

    Amazing post. Overwhelmed reading it

  4. Awww. This is such a wonderful write-up. I loved the entire thing and how you have explained abo1 the role of two superheroes

  5. That’s so touching.
    You’ve ended the blog with right words “dads support their families secretly” they are the real #superheros lovely thought and blog.

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