The Fragrance That Tugs Me

The Fragrance That Tugs Me

          After a wonderful two weeks blog, this week we #NISSATalks came with new topic “#FragranceInRelationships”. When I heard fragrance & relationship together, only one thing came to my mind. This connected me with my childhood and wrapped my soul. I have seen many relationships build because of this fragrance.

Yaad ma tu…., Swaad ma tu……
Zara zara mai, teri saudi kushboo,
Is safar se…., us safar tak….,
Mera akks ma bhi, tu hi huba-hu-hai…
(Product jingle)

          Wo hai “ Meri Maa ka haat ka Khane ki Kushboo ”……Fragrance of food made by my mom. I know you’ll all agree. After the bell rings… and when the door opens, there comes the fragrance that drags me inside the house…aroma which already has spread across my home…aroma that not only has the flavor of sweet & spicy masala, but also affection of love & emotions for a daughter, who had been away from her eyes.  A fragrance filled with excitement for her home coming after a long time but for a short vacation. An aroma of the list of my favorites sent by me before my home coming.


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          This fragrance had such a strong bonding on me, that when I relocated to Bangalore for job, I  asked my mom to accompany me, rather than carrying a bag full of homemade masalas for homely feel that usually people do otherwise…I did, so that daily I get the same homely fragranced yummy food. Though we had an office canteen, I always preferred homemade food by my mom.

          But the real challenge was, when I got married. “Ab kaha se milaga, Wo maa ka haat ka swaad aur wo kushboo”. It was a critical situation for me, who learn to eat, but not to prepare. From childhood till date, mom’s food fragrance had scented my nose in such a way that, after marriage I started comparing the fragrance in every recipe with her recipe. And this teaches me two things, which my mom believes. First, the aroma of food has power to bring entire family together to the dining table from every corner & spread the giggles of happiness & togetherness. Second, to achieve perfect fragrance, we have to add love & emotions with perfect amount of spices. With this experience, one more quality that I developed was, I learned to calculate the perfect amount of spices just by smelling the fragrance coming from the food. Yes… one can easily guess while cooking, what is missing in it, by just smelling that special fragrance.

          Power of this fragrance is so immense, that it can bring Husbands to home in an unexpected timing, with an intention to taste it & at times carry it for friends & colleagues in office. Not to mention it also helps us motive the kids to finish their school tiffin. This is the fragrance of love, emotion & taste, which every mom uses to pass on to her child & other members of the family. This stays with us always and no hotel, mess or any street food will ever be able to match it… And any resemblance of similar fragrance leaves me helpless missing my mom’s food like anything.

          Anyone can easily relate self to this post. I would love to know your feelings and fragrance of your mom’s food & how much you miss it.

If you started curving for some yummy dishes after reading this post, then do try Vegan Chocolate Cake by Jinalgada



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0 Replies to “The Fragrance That Tugs Me”

  1. Beautifully expressed all the emotions that “maa ke haath ka khaana” evokes. And you seem to have mastered it as well right? When can we get a flavor of your haath ka khaana?! 😉

    Nupur #NISSAtalks #OpenNTalk

  2. That is really a heartfelt post. Nothing can beat mother’s food for sure.

    – Anami from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week3

  3. This is such a sweet post and rounds up the one fragrance that’s truly close to everyone’s hearts.
    #OpenNTalk #BloggerBabes

  4. Mothers are the best chef ever! And thought itself is so nostalgic. A short, sweet and aromatic post!
    #OpenNTalk #CrossBorderSisters

  5. This post is close to my heart 🙂 You spoke my heart out 🙂
    2yrs after marriage and I still miss mumma k haath ka khana. My parents are in Pune and I’m near Goa, weekend ko jaake kha b nahi sakti main 🙁
    Anyways, after I started cooking regularly I started recollecting her food and kept comparing them. In fact, one thing which you’ve mentioned above understanding what went wrong or less in a particular dish can be made out with its aroma.
    #OpenNTalk #InvincibleGang

    1. Yes dear one can. I have experienced that… infact i hate to taste dish when its on gas… so i always smell it & decide the spice, sweet or citric quatity. Even many of my friends get surprise when i do so, while teaching them any of my recipe….U can able to achieve same flavour / can calculate the quatity of masalas by smelling the food..when its on gas…

  6. I can completely relate to this post. Maa ke haath ka khana aur woh khusboo kahin nahin. It made me nostalgic.
    #Bloggingdivas #Openntalk

  7. A post that tugs at your heart strings…
    Your words have the fragrance of a lot of cherished memories, and that’s what makes them special 🙂

    Cheers and love!

    #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

  8. Everyone feels like the same. Maa Key haath ka khana kahin nahi mil sakta.
    Beautifully weaved fragrance of Mother’s food and her love. Lovely post with good theme.
    #OpenNTalk #CrossBorderSisters

  9. There is no competition for Maa ke haath ka khana and its khushoo. Post marriage as we try to keep our spouses happy to match the food levels so they dont miss their Maa ke haath ka khana somewhere we tend to forget how much we love it too. #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

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