Learning With Fun Activities Part-2

Learning With Fun Activities Part-2

Hey friends
Once again I came up with some new activities for 3-5yrs old kids. Because of virus we all are house arrested & our kids are suffering more than adult. No school masti, full day at home, not able to meet friends or enjoy in the park & with that online studies, which make them somewhere feel like watching tv.

It’s not an easy task for parents to find a new task or activity for kids every day. So to help them, here I came up with some fulfilled activities, which we tried at home.

1) Letter Fun:-

Letter Fun

Materials: – Small Piece of rope, ice cream sticks & Matchsticks

Let’s begin :-

  1. Encourage your child to say his/ her name & then spell it.
  2.  Show the child how to twist & turn the rope, ice cream sticks & matchsticks to form the letters in his/her name.
  3. Once the child understand the concept. Encourage him/her to make more words out of it.
  4. For easy learning – start with certain letters like E, F, L, T, H, I, A, N, M, K, V, W, Y, X & Z.

2) Reading Labels on Products:-

Reading Labels on Products
Reading Labels on Products

Materials: – Any kind of products available at home…. more preferable products which kids love to use or eat.

Let’s begin: –

  1. Pick up each object & help your child to read the label on it.
  2. Point to the label & say the name in phonic, so the child understands how to spell it.
  3. After making the child read & recognizes some of the product name. Plays a game by finding the product you named & put it on the table.
  4.  This activity encourage child to read the names of the product surrounding him.

3) Listen & Count: –

Listen & Count

Materials: – 10 coins, A steel container or bottle

Let’s begin :-

  1. Show the coins to the child. Arrange the coins in a horizontal or vertical row as you count them one at a time.
  2. Talk to your child to close his/ her eyes and to count by looking at each coin as it is counted.
  3. Ask your child to close his/her eyes and be very quiet.
  4. Drop the coins one at a time into the steel container or bottle.
  5. Ask him/her to listen and count the “plink” sound each coin you drop a coin in the container.
  6.  Tell your child that this is called Listening & Counting.
  7. This game should be preferably played in a quiet area so that your child can listen to the sound of the coins clearly.
  8. This activity help child to increase his/ her concentration level & improve counting.

          These are some of the activity, which make learning fun & keep kids engage too. Hope you enjoy it & try it with your kids at home.

Parents drop your valuable feedback about these activities & do let me know if you want to see some more activities in my blog.

You can also include reading in kids daily routine… Do check Bedtime Story from one of my good frd.

Learning With Fun Activities Part-1

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  1. Keeping kids engaged using all their senses is the best way. They learn and have fun at the same time. You list is creative and very enjoyable for kids

  2. These are really some cool and fun activities with kids. Not only they will remain engaged, but also will learn a lot of new things. I really like the idea of reading the labels. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  3. Kids learn fast, especially if there is an element of fun introduced. These activities are great for engaging and educating kids on basic principles.

  4. Its great to see such products enhancing the productivity of kids while making them learn and also augmenting their creativity skills.

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