Paese Cosmetic – First impression

Paese Cosmetic – First impression


          Glad to be a part of silky matt lipstick launch from Paese Cosmetic in Ahmedabad One Mall on 28th April. Paese is a Poland cosmetic brand present on the market since 2008.  It owes its dynamic growth to the high quality of products, a wide variety of colours and attractive packaging. Paese is an Italian word meaning a ”land”. A land of beauty for women of all types of beauty and skin. It’s a brand which put the client in the first place. Paese Cosmetics has its own stand in more than 30 countries around the world, including Ireland, Russia, Egypt, Italy, the UK, and many more. Paese Cosmetics crafts products with careful consideration for every consumer. Not only do their products match the relentless spark and substance of the women in India, they also work in congruence with the daily lives of the modern Indian woman. With quality and sustainability as their top priorities, there is no room for complaints.

           And the brand ambassador of the Paese Cosmetic is sexy, gorgeous, fashionable & trendy actress Jennifer Winget. She was won & spoted as one of the “50 Sexiest Asian women”.  She was in Ahmedabad one to launch the Silky Matt Lipstick from Paese Cosmetic. And with her presence the crowd went crazy, as she have a huge number of fans in our city. While attending each question from crowd she said “cosmetics are to highlight real beauty of the women”.

          As a memory, I got some goodie bag from Paese Cosmetic. Let’s check wats inside the goodie bag. Hmm…..

          Goodies came in the Paese branded paper bag. In the side panel of the bag you will find name of the countries where paese brand already spread. Inside the paper bag, I find a beautiful & stunning black purse. In which the cosmetics where kept wrapped in paese brand printed butter paper.



  • Contains light-reflecting pearl particles which ensure the illusion of even and smooth colour
  • Gives 3D effect, making eyes look bigger
  • Delicate consistency
  • No parabens
  • Available in triple colour sets
  • Product contains Vitamins A, C, E & Silicon oil. Vitamins A, C, E helps in nourishing the delicate skin. Silicon oil help to prolongs the makeup. Cost of the product is Rs. 74920180511_123554


  • Concealer with medium coverage
  • Light, creamy, liquid consistency ideally melts into delicate skin
  • Covers up signs of fatigue
  • Microparticles of pearl illuminate and optically diminish shadows under the eyes
  • Product contains Scutellaria Baicalnesis, Vitamins A, C, E, PP & D-panthenol. Scutellaria Baicalnesis helps to soothes skin irritations, evens color of the skin, prevents from forming dark shadows. Vitamins A, C, E, PP helps in nourish the delicate skin. D-panthenol helps in soothes skin irritations. Cost of the 6ml is Rs 1099.



  • Gives strong coverage
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the lips
  • High level of pigments ensures intensive colour
  • Leaves lips with mirror-like shine
  • Formula created to achieve long-lasting effect
  • Product contains Argan Oil & Vitamins A, C and E.  Argan Oil – Has strong hydrating and skin firming properties and thanks to high levels of natural antioxidants protect the skin from harmful effects of free radicals. Vitamins A, C and E – Ensures nourishment of delicate skin of lips and its regeneration. Cost of the 4gm is Rs 999.



  • Subtly enhances and defines lips, at the same time nourishing delicate skin
  • Contains illuminating particles, reflecting the light and ensuring a beautiful mirror-shine effect, making lips look fresh and enhanced
  • Delicate to medium coverage depending on shade
  • Long-lasting effect formula
  • No parabens
  • Product contains Castor Oil & Vitamin E and C. Castor Oil – softens skin of the lips, prevents from its drying due to water-binding abilities. Vitamin E and C – nourishes delicate skin. Cost of 3.4ml is Rs 899.

          PAESE’s products are created with passion and attention to all of the current trends. Paese’s products are high in quality with an affordable rate. Over all it’s highly recommended by product to all the cosmetic lovers.

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