Enjoy Learning & Eating

Enjoy Learning & Eating

Learning-with-Food          Earlier days it was completely moms or other members of the family duty to make the kid eat. And people use to have healthy food, according to the season & availability. As time change & western culture influence our life style more, with that changes came in our food habit. Now a day’s people prefer to buy from hotel or make something which get prepare in few second. Buzz parents not able to teach their kids completely about the healthy eating, as they are not able to follow it completely. So now a day’s schools started Tiffin list as per the days. Which make kids to have healthy food in lunch. Being Kangaroo kids (parents) moms, we were following the same. And got a good result, as kids were started eating all the healthy food.
Schools also keep on doing creative & innovative plans to make kids learn, enjoy & fun while eating. Same happen in my son’s school. Suddenly 2 weeks before the school close, we got a message from school. That for two weeks we are going to revision whatever we taught the kids. So for that we need a parents help… Please follow the new lunch chart.
This was shocking for us… as the list contains some junk food too & our kids have a habit of having roti, sabji, rice, salad & fruits in their daily routine. They are not going to eat & lunch will come back. Many parents complain about this, as per them making the food in lunch which kids not going to eat is not a good idea. Some had an issue with time consumption in preparing the food as per school requirement & that also in the early morning.
As it was school’s decision & last two weeks were left. So we all mom’s planned to follow it. As we find that the list includes all type of foods & kids should try all type of foods. It will help to teach that they have to adjust in all type of food. And they learn to try new food.  With that we also decided to give food a twist to kids wonnt come empty stomach & we also follow school lunch rules.
Its hard to showcase the entire mom’s cooking art effort. Hereby, I am showing the pictures of three of the mom’s effort in it.

School’s lunch list for last 2 week before vacation:-
1.) Monday 9.4.18 circle shape brown colour paratha.
As it’s a common lunch I am not adding pic.
2.) Tuesday 10.4.18 triangle shape veg. cheese sandwich white color.

Made mayonnaise cheese sandwich as my son loves it & it is white in color too.

3.) Wednesday 11.4.2018 square shape paneer Ki sabji roti orange colour.

4.) Thursday 12.4.2018 semicircle red colour macaroni.

5.) Friday 13.4.2018 diamond shape dhokla yellow colour.

6.) Monday 16.4.2018 circle shape puri aloo.
As it’s a common lunch I am not adding pic.
7.) Tuesday 17.4.2018 triangle shape pizza tricolor.

8.) Wednesday 18.4.2018 heart shape aloo tikki golden brown.
I have added sabudana in my son’s tikki, as he dont like simple aloo.

9.) Thursday 19.4.2018 square shape roti sabji green veggies.
My son loves palak paneer, but his friend don’t so made green square roti by his mom sonal.

10.) Friday 20.4.2018 rectangular shape finger chips.

School given the above list to do revision of “shapes” & “colours” which kids learned. And also learn to have different type of foods. This concept was very interesting & we must try at home too during vacation. Being mom I don’t think we need a force from others to start such kind of concept. Mommies try it same way or differently….. choice is yours..


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