Har ankho ma, ek sapne hai,
Un sapno ko, Jara pank tho do,
Dil ma chupi, Kai armaan hai,
Un armaano ko, Jara udha ne do,
Give them a wings, Give them a wings,
Live your dreams,
Give them a wings.
On the International Women’s Day 2018, Nexus & Wings group organized a beautiful event. In which, they have planned to reward the women. Who have crossed all the barriers in life, lived there dreams & achieved success. It was great honor to see that Vodafone Gandhidam also supported them & given their contribution in this event.

In the event we got to see all age, profession, level of ladies from gandhidam. From a social worker to a business tycoon, from an artist to a singer, physically impaired actress to a writer. All women where special & inspired us with their challenging stories.  We have seen many inspiration stories in movies. But it was an honor to see them all together in one platform. The age, physical issues & society didn’t able to stop them & achieve their dreams.

 Wing’s Group Lovely Ladies with Vodafone Girls & Me

Wonderful selection of women from each categories by Wing’s Group. Other than this they have planned some fun activities for women like games, grooming & success tips, lucky draw, dj, photo boot & surprise gifts

Thanks Vodafone Gandhidam team for giving me a chance to attend such a wonderful event. And I am extremely happy to see that Vodafone Gandhidam put his effort & contribution in Women empowerment events.  This is my second opportunity to join with you in women empowerment event.

Vodafone Gandhidam distributed there special goodies among the games & lucky draw winners. But this was not an end, as they believe every woman is special & on women day they deserve a small token of appreciation. To encourage all the women who attended the event & make them special Vodafone team distributed a small token of appreciation in the form of key chains.

Wings Group didn’t let the Vodafone girls go with an empty hand. They gifted them a beautiful small plant as a ray of new hope.

Organizers :- Nexus & Wings Group
Gifts sponsored by Wings Group & Vodafone Gandhidam

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