Happy International Women’s Day


We all are eagerly waiting for the International Women’s Day. As it’s the next event coming on the calendar. But we really know for what the International Women Day has started to celebrate….
To remove gender gap
and we have successfully prove our self at each stage. Most of the companies wish to recruit a female candidate instead of male. As they believe that women are hardworking & more dedicated to the work they do.
Worldwide women are describing by…………………….


But for us “o womaniya aha womaniya” suits more.
Still the gender gap has not removed completely. In each minute one woman gets sexually harassed somewhere in the world. And this evil eye people don’t have an age criteria (from small girls to 60+ granny’s getting sexually harassed). This is not because of increase in usage of internet. Our backwards thinking which stop us to teach or talk to our kids about all this after certain age.
Lack of good touch & bad touch is the reason behind this problem.
Beautifully explained recently in one of the top serial from Starplus.

Instead of saying “o womaniya aha womaniya” I think we should say “Jaago womaniya, Bolo womaniya”
When there is no ram in this yug, why to keep on giving exams like sita to prove yourself at each stage & end your life going under the earth.


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  1. A daring and bold woman is always different: fierce and delicate, simple and complicated, crazy and calm… But she is always a unique!

    1. Women very special in this world… So respect her… And I m very special ☺☺☺ happy women day

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