#ShabashIndia– A Big Salute to you

A beautiful video made by Tiktok India of celebrating the heroes at home who faced every challenge with courage while spreading cheer and hope!

          Still remember that day; 23rd March 2020 at 8:00 pm, all of our thoughts, plans, parties, meetings, etc suddenly came to a stop. As it was the day our first lockdown announced. For half an hour, the whole country got upset & silent because somewhere they were confused that they heard it right or not.

          We Indians have some good qualities that we adjust, stay positive & happy in all situations. With that, we spread this positivity to others too. A very similar approach was seen during the lockdown on the TikTok app through which videos were made by thousands of Indians. These people would matter to all of us who have so diligently worked just to make sure that we all are staying safe indoors. They created fun videos of serious situations so we can look at those through a different light & take the situation positively. They taught us to stay strong & positive, entertain us with a lot of fun moves, dances, taught us different recipes & encouraged us to try out whatever we learned from them. These superheroes put their 100% effort to keep us strong & out of depression, So they too deserve a “BIG SALUTE”.

          To Salute all the people who supported & inspired others to stay safe, happy & positive during the lockdown, Tiktok came with a heart-touching video. This video is a combination of lots of Tiktokers videos posted during the lockdown time. It surely is going to make you realize how all of them contributed to our society in their ways in these troublesome times. It clearly shows the way we Indians take the lead in uncertain times, standing together for each other, and bringing smiles to each other’s faces in gloomy days!

          This video starts with lonely roads & streets, and then takes you to the social distancing circles & people getting bored in the house because of lockdown. Then suddenly it shows the corona warriors, who work hard in spreading the message of staying safe at home. With that come the home heroes, who have put their effort to keep us entertaining through different laughter videos. Celebrities to normal people out there showcasing their talent to entertain us. With that, super positive vibes of staying with family, enjoying childhood games again, helping at home, giggling of family members & making silly mistakes everything uploaded on TikTok can be seen in this video.

          Overall, Tiktok tries to cover each category of video into the #ShabashIndia video to salute all the Indians, who not only stay safe at their home but also inspire others to do that. These videos were a great support to most of the people who were feeling lonely & depressed due to lockdown & social distancing. This was the only way of entertainment during this time. Tiktok also added a feature of “Mis-leading information” during this time in the app, so if you see some video that has “Mis-leading information” then the person can immediately report by clicking on the feature. When users report any content as ‘COVID-19 Misinformation’, it is sent to a priority moderation queue which is manned by an internal Taskforce and escalated to third-party fact-checkers.

A Big Salute & Thanks to all of the Tiktokers for their tremendous job.
Thanks to Tiktok, inspiring creativity and bringing joy has made it the go-to platform for everyone to share fun, creative, and meaningful content.
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0 Replies to “#ShabashIndia– A Big Salute to you”

  1. This initiative seems to be great especially in this time when we really have to appreciate and keep our morale high.

  2. I never used tiktok and was never in favour of using it. I feel many such initiatives were taken by chinese giant to play with our emotions. You have written a great post, we salute our heroes who did and are doing a great job in this pandemic.

  3. The concept of saluting our heroes is really great, though the fact that it is from Tik Til is ironic in retrospect.

    1. this is such a great initiative because everyone is bashing them and your post came as a breath of fresh air we all enjoyed watching tik Tok .

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