Lockdown time -Multiply love by sharing chores

Lockdown time -Multiply love by sharing chores

A sudden decision of lockdown just shaken us all very badly & made our routine life upside down. Before March no one of us has ever imagined a life without maids, friends, and outdoor activities. It was hard to manage with limited essentials, but our homemakers manage very well with it. As this situation was for her & her family’s safety, she manages with fewer essentials & once again proves her talent by balancing her budget & family member’s happiness.

This time Ariel India #sharetheload came up with the concept of Saluting all the women warrior at home, who played the roles unimagined and tried to be the best versions of themselves in every little moment. They extended the limitation of working & did more than what they did earlier. And with that Ariel India appreciating all the men’s who understand the untold pressure story of women in house & given a helping hand to them.

Have a look at the short film by Ariel India that further contextualizes the sharing of load happening at homes during the lockdown.

I feel happy & proud that I got a chance to share my house #ShareTheLoad story to everyone because of Ariel India. I live in a joint family consist of 3 men & 2 women. When the lockdown starts the toughest part for me was to manage my work from home, doing house chores, making my son study (his online class was there from 1st day of lockdown) & making a different variety of food for my big foodie family. This somewhere reduces my 8 hrs sleep to 5hrs, with that increase my stress level. By understanding my full-on packed situation, the 2 young males of my house (means my hubby & son) decided to #ShareChoresMultiplyLove. For the first time, my hubby took the responsibility of everyday evening dinner. With the support of YouTube, he started making a different variety of veg & nonveg dishes. As he had good taste buds….luckily all the dishes came out very well. On the other side my son, who is just 5 yrs old, took the responsibility of small –small chores in the house. Filling the bottles, watering plants, dusting, wiping the dust from doors & windows, arranging his books, cleaning table & floor after having food, folding clothes & arrange it in the cupboard, #ShareTheLaundry, etc was the some of the duties he took in his little shoulders to help his mom. Because of which I got a quality time to spend with my family & collect lots of lockdown memories.                       

This way my hubby & son took an oath that “They will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda

I feel lucky to have such a supportive man in my life & highly appreciate their efforts to support me during the lockdown. Once again I thank Ariel India for giving me a chance to spread my story of #Sharetheload.

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0 Replies to “Lockdown time -Multiply love by sharing chores”

  1. That’s fantastic! I am so glad to read that your son helps you in the chores. He will be a responsible man in his adult life and won’t hesitate in helping his partner at home.

  2. I’m glad everyone is doing their chores. Also, good to see a new take on #Sharetheload. After this stay at home arrangement, I know how much effort my mother puts in 24*7.

  3. It’s a great initiative and yes everyone should share the load and help each other. These are testing times for all and it’s important that everyone realises this and starts sharing the daily chores.

  4. This lockdown time , my husband n kids readily share the load with me and I feel blessed to have such a lovely family

  5. Having been brought up in a nuclear family we grew up with the idea that all the work at home is to be shared by the family members. It is really essential so that the load is not there on one or two persons.

  6. Sharing household work is very important. Often we are stereotyped by gender roles but its time to evolve.

  7. Sharing the load is a new normal. Ariel has initiated a great step towards better happiness in households. I myself am using Ariel as a washing powder in my machine

  8. Oh yes in pandemic time the best way to multiply love is by sharing the load. If all do the chores together means more time for happiness. Great campaign by Ariel.

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