Unlock The Magical World Of Skipy: Mixed Reality Kit.

Unlock The Magical World Of Skipy: Mixed Reality Kit.

          The world is digitizing rapidly & India is well on its way to become a digitally advanced country. Most of our requirements gets addressed with just a click of a finger-tip with the help of latest apps & advanced gadgets, which are making more and more users addicted to these fast and easy to use gadgets. And we always complain that our kids are more prone to these smart phones now, but somewhere they are following our what they experience and see.

This makes one thing clear to me, that I can’t stop my son’s gadget addiction, but can try and control this modern app’s usage and duration he gets glued to it. So I always download educational games only. I try downloading “Interactive Educational Games” because it educates kids with funny ways to learn. Such learning process are be easily absorbed by kids & they never get bored of it.


What is Skipy?

Skipy :- Sketch, Interact & Play
Skipy gives a sensory feeling of drawing on a paper along with rich digital content into a single experience that is absolute fun, entertainment and informative, which make a wonderful learning experiences for kids. It’s based on Mixed Reality, which is the future computing platform & it creates amazing experiences for children through Sketch, Interaction and Playful experience that builds their foundational skills in a manner never seen before.

SKIPY Classic Creative Play Kit:

During my random search in amazon.in, I came across this wonderful kit called Skipy kit box. As it was a mixed reality kit, I decided to introduce it to Zumi. Immediately.. I ordered it from Amazon.in & got a quick delivery.

You can avail a 20% discount using the code – SKIVIJ20 (on Skipy Store Only)

Box Contains-

+Drawing Pad
+Flashcards – 20 nos.
+D.I.Y Stand for camera placement
+Instruction Manual + QR Code

Box Contains

How to use the Skipy app?

It’s very easy to download this app with android phone or tablet & can be activated by giving general information like name, mobile no. & email id, post which after scanning the QR code in the Skipy app the kit box gets activated.

This app has 4 stages:-
1. Travel: – Contains pictures of different travel modes
2. Classic: – Contains mix pictures like aqua animals, travel, creepy crawls, birds
3. Things: – Contains different things like ball, drum, cricket, hammer etc.
4. Earned: Which means achievement.

The Best part about this app is, whenever the kid completes the stage, an informatory mail is initiated to the mail id of the guardian mentioning the successful completion.  Mail alert is the best thing to keep parents updated about the kid’s progress in this activity.

How it works?
1) Kids have to assemble the D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) Mobile stand & open the application.
2) They need to select a picture from the available ones from the 1st mode – i.e. travel.
3) Now kid has to draw it step by step given in the app.
4) During this activity the good thing is the App keeps on interacting & guiding the kid.
5) After finishing the picture, kid has to click the picture sketched & click next.
6) Kid will get star points in each sketch uploaded as a motivation.
7) Kid can visualize his picture that comes in motion in the app &in the process the app also provides information related to the relative picture.

What I find best in Skipy kit + App?
1) Skipy box contains everything that is required for the different activities (other than smart devices).
2) For learners the special feature is behind every flash card there are dotted lines that helps learners to draw the picture more easily.
3) The Parents get a mail alert, when ever kids complete each activity.
4) The Kids get fascinated when their drawn picture gets in motion.
5) They also get motivated to absorb the information related to their creation that follows in the app in to their mind.
6) The kid never loses concentration due to the app’s continuous interaction during the activity.
7) As the box is small & handy in size, it’s a best option to carry during travelling too.
8) There’s a section of stories in which the child is encouraged to design different things and everything they draw becomes part of the story on the app making it a totally new experience.

    Skipy is designed for children in age group 4 to 10 years. It helps in improving their creative ideas & skills, by encouraging them to draw on a paper & watch it come alive in the app with relative information about it. It’s a very innovative teaching tool for parents & teachers, which encourages children to create their own content and play with it. One more feature that the app has is multiple children can use the same app, and track their progress separately. Over time the difficulty level of recommended experiences adjusts to their drawing skills.

Do check our video to know how my son enjoys the Skipy Travel Kit.


It’s one of the best educational product to be gifted to a child that might shape their innovative skills, challenge their thought process, and make them competitive to get rewarded more and more.

Options in kit :- Product available in Amazon.in
1) Skipy Classic :-

Content available:

  • Drawing Objects, Animals & modes of Transport
  • Learn
  • Stories
  • Play with your creations using Mixed Reality

2) Skipy Things

Content available:

  • Drawing different Objects
  • Learn about Your Creations under Learn section

3) Skipy Travel

Content available:

  • Drawing Modes of Transport
  • Learn about Your Creations under Learn section
  • Play with your creations using Mixed Reality

Order your skipy kit today itself & let your child experience the new magical world of “Mixed Reality” with this awesome kit. It’s one of the best est product which i came across & love to recommend all those parents, who want to keep there kids engage in creative & informative activity.  This activity not only going to improve child’s sketching skill, but also help them to grab the information related to it.

You can avail a 20% discount using the code – SKIVIJ20 (on Skipy Store Only)

Product also available in amazon. If you want to earn extra 20% discount, don’t forget to use my discount code, while shopping from Skipyshop

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  1. This is superb. Definitely trying for my little one. The ideas and activities are so fresh and innovative.

  2. Wow I love these kind of play toys which help kids learn something too. I buy only these types for my kids.

    1. I love this kit. It’s so colorful and easy to use with kids. Great detail review from you. I specially like the flash cards. Connecting app is also very interesting. I am looking forward to checkout this innovative style of learning through app.

  3. This skippy kit looks like perfect thing to engage kids as not only they play with but they learn as well. And mixed reality is something which will hold the interest of kids.

  4. It’s not easy to reduce screen time of kids. Like the idea of educational app helps to keep kids busy in creative work. The activities also helps in overall development of kids

  5. The activity kit looks very engaging for kids. It will definitely deviate them from excessive screen time

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