Monsoon Time Beach Trip

Monsoon Time Beach Trip

          We are water loving people, so whenever we plan a trip, our first preference always will be pool villa or stay near to beach… So we able to spend whole day in the pool & have lots of fun at the beach. July is the time when we mostly plan for trips, as it’s our anniversary month & we love rain a lot.  In 2018 we planned a short anniversary trip to Serena Beach Resort, as zumi was between us all the time, i cant call it “3rd honeymoon”.

          We planned for a 2 day trip to mandvi beach serena resort, as it was the first trip with 2.5yrs old Zumi. We were scared that he will be able to adjust in new atmosphere or not. So like new parents, took all the required precaution, which we can.


          This resort was 99.3 km away from the place where we stay (from gandhidam, kutch). So we decided to take a road trip & enjoy the 2 hrs of travelling singing, chatting, recalling all the memories & enjoying the atmosphere. (For outsider, I suggest to take a train trip or flight till kutch or mundra, as its nearer to place.)

          As the resort is situated in the outskirt of the city, after seeing a barren land for 15-20 minutes, finally we saw a main gate of “Serena Resort”. Ambiance of the resort was very good, it make me feel the vibe of real kutch. Traditional carvings, embroidery works was done to give that feel.

          While we were in the reception area for some formalities, it started drizzling with a cold breeze. It was giving a feel like climate welcoming us to the resort. And till the time we reached the villa, which we have booked it started heavy raining, which stay for few minutes only. But the view was very good… chilled hard wind, palm tree dancing with the waves of beach wind, wet greenery everywhere with a  beautiful miniatures kept in some place.


          As we reached to our villa, we just had a quick inspection of room & availability. It was a hut type 2 bedroom villa had a perfect usage of traditional curving in each corner with primary colors attached to it a personal garden was there. But who cares about all this, our target was to just jump into the pool as beach was in a wild mood & waves were roaring like a lion. So we enjoyed the pool till rain stop, as soon as the rain stopped we went down to see the beach with our own risk… it was not in a good mood to make us have fun…


          Now what will we do….. Mad & crazy people like us planned for a rain walk & check out the resort completely. So we went each corner of the resort, it was very creatively prepared & you will find many selfie point, best from waste decorations, beach view restaurant. We didn’t able to enjoy the beach view restaurant at dinner time, but next day we just grab the opportunity by getting up early. As it was our check out day, we don’t want to miss any moment.


          Before we go for breakfast, we had a wonderful beach time. Water was little far as compare to yesterday, so we had a walk on the wet sand. Zumi find lots of big & small muddy puddles to jump.  I & zumi collected lots of shells from the shore. We didn’t miss to write our name in the wet sand, which we have usually done during our trips before zumi’s birth, but for zumi it’s completely a new feel..


           After checking out from resort, we decided to go for a Vijay Vilas Palace, which was closer to the place. This palace was famous for “Hum Dil Da Chuka Sanam” shootting. Do you remember the song “Chand Chupa Badal Ma”, it was picturize in this place and all the karva chaut scene done here. Place is beautiful but too much to walk after parking to entrance & after that from there to palace. Best area of the palace was one of the terraces on the top… It was a roof covered terrace. The most beautiful area to watch the mandvi beach, palace garden & enjoy the cold crazy wind with rain. I just loved that area of the palace but only one issue; you can’t click a picture…. Not because it’s restricted area… the wind is so harsh that you can’t pose for a second perfectly.

          Yes one more thing i like to add…..If you are in mandvi don’t miss the cone bhaji & dabeli. You will get a yummiest street cone bhaji in mandvi. Do try the food court stall, which comes in the turning to public beach way from main city.

          If you don’t wanna go for resort fun, you can enjoy the public beach too, which is completely safe. We many time visited public beach during mild rain, its trilling to ride a bike on the beach sand, when it’s raining.

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0 Replies to “Monsoon Time Beach Trip”

    1. I have never visited Gujarat side. But I want to explore it. You guys seems to have a gala time there. Lovely pictures

  1. Wow lovely clicks and detail description. I had been to Gujarat for 3 years but never get a chance to visit this place. Will surly visit this place when go there next time. #birthdayblogtrain

  2. We tried twice to plan a trip to Gujarat especially to witness the Rann Utsav but to no luck. Gujarat and Mandvi beach are on our list.

  3. Seems like you had a great time with your family. Monsoon is the perfect time for a small family vacation. It helps you bond with your loved ones over a cup a pipping hot ginger tea and onion pakodas.

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