Let’s fold clothes- Task-4 #Ariel

Let’s fold clothes- Task-4 #Ariel

          We are on the 4th week of #Ariel #son-day task. Friends if you have gone through my previous blog, you already have an idea about what I am talking. For new readers, I am repeating the details of activity.

          @ariel.india come up with these awesome initiatives that encourage gender equality and break stereotypes like laundry is only for women. They emphasized on that everyone in the family should #sharetheload .  To spread the vibe of this movement & to encourage more sons’s to join it, for the next four Sundays that is from (21st april- 28th april- 5th may – 12th may), Ariel will come up with one new task every Sunday and they want the sons to check that out and do that task. If you love your mom and really believe that you would want to help her out, do participate and pledge to share household chores. If you have missed any task than don’t worry, there is a chance to participate till 12th may…. Please complete the entire task to get eligible for Grand prize.

          These weeks #Ariel #ShareTheLoad tasks is folding clothes in 00.30 sec. Teaching our son’s…how to fold the clothes & encourage them to do it in speed. This is quite a hard task for my 4.5yrs.

          So we are all set to start. In the starting, I teach him how to fold the clothes. At first he got irritated & told me that this is quite impossible for him to do…. But after few try… his interest in doing it increase & he keep on practicing to make it perfect. After several time practices, he started doing it perfectly.  It was a wonderful experience & I never ever thought that at this age, he will able to learn such things.


          My special thanks to #Ariel & #blogadda for bringing such a wonderful campaign & giving us such a wonderful task, which help our kids to learn to #ShareTheLoad. Each task brought a new excitement, funtime & knowledge to my son’s life.

          Join the activity from Ariel & blogadda – #ShareTheLoad.  This is the perfect opportunity to let the world know what a home where the men and women #ShareTheLoad would look like.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda


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0 Replies to “Let’s fold clothes- Task-4 #Ariel”

  1. This is a wonderful initiative taken by Ariel. It is our responsibility to teach kids about basic things that also includes folding clothes.

  2. This is amazing initiative by Ariel and the person who thought of this would be I guess a mom cause only we can understand how important it is to teach our sons this concept of share the load!

  3. I’m so impressed with the way ariel India is taking up these initiatives and challenges . I’ll take the folding clothes challenge with my son too.

  4. In today’s society, sharing the load is of utmost importance… Thanks to Ariel and to all the people who have taken up this initiative and are teaching their sons to consciously share the load!

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