Does history repeats?

          Several times, I heard in childhood from my mom that history does repeats & remember the way you are harassing me, your kid will do the same with you….

          Listening to this every time I have a same reaction, “Come on mom, who gone tell them? I am not going to do so & won’t allow you to do it…. I laugh & move away…

          But guys my motherhood experience makes me believe that history does repeat. God itself plan the entire prank to make you realize that how much your childhood naughtiness had hurt your parents.

Let me share with you, one of the incidents: –

          My mom started working when I was 5yrs old. It was not an option that she choice… she started working as a school teacher so, she can support dad financially. My mom use to complete all her household chores, prepare food & then leave for school after locking me inside the house. She does that for my safety, but I always get irritated, when she locks & go. I was a fussy eater too. I just check what she prepared & don’t eat it if I don’t like it. I not only don’t eat it but also to save myself from her scold, I used to hide the roti’s under the coat, behind the cylinders, etc….. About which she used to come to know during Diwali cleaning, till that time I ran away to my mama’s house.

That was my side story….now let me tell u how it repeated in my life once again……

          I quit my job, so my son won’t pass through same feeling, which I used to feel (a feeling of loneliness & parents not able to attend any events). And he was never being a fussy eater like me in childhood. So, I was very much relaxed about that too.

But as I told you, god had different planning…..

          One day, when my son came back from neighbors house for dinner, his tummy was full (he had something from their house). As he had a fear of get scold by us for having junk food at dinner time, he didn’t inform us about it. He started having his roti sabji…….within 15 minutes, he finished everything. We were happy & surprise that… Today, he had it so quick. We didn’t doubt on him, as he used to eat fast if he wants to do something after dinner, or he is starving. I just took his plate & brought the cloth to wipe the area he was sitting & having food. Suddenly while wiping something stuck in the clothes & came out of the coat, nearby which he was having food….


My son was scared & we were shock….

          Small-small pieces of roties, one by one coming out of the coat, while every time i wipe with cloth…. Me & my husband were totally confused, what to react. He is just 5 yrs old… so scolding for this is not a good option & his age is not enough to understand the value of not wasting food. Still, we decided to guide & make him understand that if his tummy is full just tell us & also try not to have anything from anywhere before dinner time. With that we told  him that there are many kids in this world, who hardly get one time sufficient nutritious food to eat. So don’t waste or throw food.

          So guys you can see that how & which way the history repeated in my life. My son & hubby were not aware of my childhood naughtiness. No one told zumi about my incident but still he did the same thing same way. This was not my first experiences of history repeated; many more incidents happened in my mommyhood, when I missed my mom & feel guilty + sorry for harassing her.

          Guys maybe you too faced such experiences in your mommyhood. Do share with me in comment section.

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