Skolatoys -Step & Slide with a twist added by me

          With the start of the month of April, we Malayalis eagerly wait for Vishu our “New Year”. In this festival, after worshiping Lord Krishna, the elders gift the younger ones in the family. So I was in search of something special for my little kid.

          Being a mom, I know what kind of issue he is facing, when it comes to a reading & understanding. I tried several tricks to grab his attention towards reading short stories… But as I know he is extra naughty champ, and it’s very hard to make him sit at one place without his willingness. So my next intent was to search a kind of game, which attracts him to read & encourages him to understand what he is reading. My search zeroed me at Skolatoys.

Skola toys have different stages of word games.

  1. 3 letter crosswords (age 4+)
  2. Sight Words:- Step & Slide (age 4.5+)
  3. Word Wheel (age 5+)
  4. Complex Words with Phonograms (coming soon)

          We decided to go with Sight Words:- Step & Slide game ….and in my way add a twist in the game while playing, that will surely improve his reading + understanding trouble. Before knowing, what kind of twist I added too it… Let me show you the product we brought & how much we enjoy it.


Sight Words :- Steps & Slide

It looks like a pyramid of sight words, which is used extensively usually in day to day lives.


Materials in the box: –
1) 4 stackable pieces printed with sight words
2) 4 wooden knights pawn, 4 wooden ladders, 1 die & 1 flag
3) 1 board with sight words printed
4) 4 marker color pens
5) Instruction manual
6) Crayons

Kids can easily install it.

Single player: – Child has to roll the die & move as many as steps forward which the die had indicated. The kid needs to read the word where he lands & mark the same word in the word list with the sketch pen or crayon given in the set.

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Multiple Player: – 4 kids can play this game. The sequence of each player will be same one after other turn, but with that you can add some rules like (1) whoever reaches the top with the most words collected, wins. (2) The game will be over the moment any kid reaches the finishing point, and whoever collects the most number of words wins. (3) If the latter comes to the same word that the former has collected, then you lose the steps and stay still and cannot repeat the word too.


Sight Reading: – As the kids play this game, they effortlessly absorb all the basic sight words needed for simple reading & writing. This not only enhances their interest in reading, but also helps them to create meaningful sentence by their own.

Game play: – Increase the fun of learning together.

Twists we added: – While playing it with zumi & frds, we added a new rule to it. Which was.. wherever the player lands as per the dice rolled, the player will read the word & form a sentence using the same word. The intent was not only to increase their interest in reading but also make them understand usage of same word to get meaningful sentences. This twist added a new thrill in game & we find that kids really looking forward to make sentences their own.

I just love the product & highly recommend to mom’s who want to encourage their kids to read & understand the sentences they are reading.

This was my experience about the game from skolatoys. Skola Toys are designed to provide delightful practical learning experiences to young kids. Do check there website

Link of: – Sight Words :- Steps & Slide



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Here’s How To Keep Your Kid Engaged With Fun + Learning – Magic Crate

          Every parent is curious like me to give their child as best as possible. And in this curiosity, they keep on buying educational & fun loving toys for their kids. As we know, kids get easily bored of all these things & stop playing with it after a few min, hour or days. And at the end, all were gathered in corner of the room or spread in the whole house. Finally, parents realize that they have wasted their money & their house became garbage of toys. To help the parents from this problem, many companies came up with a monthly activity box. These activity boxes not only help to educate the child but also increase their creative side & easily store in less space.

          Today, I am going to tell you about one of the creative as well as an educational box, which I came across & brought for my son.

Activity box from: – 


          Before discussing what is inside the activity box, let me give you a brief about the packaging of the @Magiccrate box. It was simple, attractive, and still beautiful. The moment it came Zumi could not hold her excitement. As it highlights the target of the box “Inspiring young innovators”. Each activity is separately well packed in a poly bag with a tag (picture of activity & development areas). You will find all the activity related things inside each poly bag. No need to buy anything from outside. It’s a well-organized box. One can easily gift it to any kid on a birthday or special occasions, no need to even gift wrap.

Now let’s go to the activity part: – We got a theme box LITTLE MARINER

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In the box, there were 4 activities with a Little Mariner MagicZine & Learning goals sheet.

  • Our first activity – Submarine:- Inside the polybag, you will find material like a bottle, hex nuts, bottle frame, and submarine body. Activity helps in experiment & explore sink or float concept. As the instruction sheet was available inside the bag with an activity related materials. It was very easy for Zumi to assemble it. After assembling it I guided him once about the experimental & exploring part of it. Submarine “Sink & float”…. Which became easy for him to understand because of this activity.
  • Our second activity – Aquarium Acrobats:- Inside the polybag, you will find material like base, arches, box, seaweeds, clay, googly eyes, fish, clips, rod, magnets & stickers. Activity helps in teaching the child how the fish swim & how the magnet attracts to metal & help it to move. Again Zumi enjoyed assembling with materials & instruction sheet. This was the most loving experiment by Zumi & mommy. A kid got a chance to learn how metal attracts to a magnet. And he keeps on enjoying it for a long time.
  • Our third activity – Sand Art:- Inside the polybag, you will find material like artboard, sprinklers, backing paper & googly eyes. Help the child to enhance his creative & artistic side. Zumi did little mistake while doing it, but he also learned, how to use colored sand to fill the picture. Fun activity….



  • The Fourth Activity- Zizi & Jojo Book:- Zizi & Jojo Marine Mission journey is written in the book. As the book is theme base it helps the kid to explore more & also help him to improve his reading habit. I really love this kind of books.

From kid’s point of view:-

Zumi is a monkey boy… making him sit at one place for more than a minute is impossible. But magic crate activities grab his attraction & he loved doing each of them by sitting in one place. Zumi’s first favorite was “Aquarium Acrobats” & second was “Submarine”, as it was experimental base activities, he keeps on repeating it whenever got chance. And not only that but he teaches his friend’s too, what he learned from it.

From My (parent) point of view:-

It’s a wonderful combo of activities, which related to creative, experimental & exploring things for kids. A special attraction of Magic Crate as compare to other activity boxes was the MAGICZINE. I loved that concept, as the MagicZine contains lots of information regarding theme & a certificate. This certificate can be rewarded to a child as a token of appreciation after completing the box activities & increasing his interest in exploring this type of things.


They offer 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months subscription. The basic 3-months subscription would cost you Rs.2199. Each month a new theme is delivered to your doorstep with 3-4 activities and a storybook. Each month is going to carry a fresh theme and fresh set of activities to teach your little one about different and new concepts.

You can subscribe to the modern, practical, and fun way of learning for your kid today here:- (


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